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Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

I'm actually seeing Sylvester and Sophie this Saturday. YAY!!!!!!!!

Well this Saturday Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred will be doing a book signing in Upminster. I will be coming along to this. I am so looking forward to this event. I have never seen Sylv or Soph before and I will be incredibly nervous. I hope I don't faint or anything silly as soon as I see them both. I of course will be taking my digital camera, and I hope to get a picture of myself taken with Sylv and Soph. This is going to be one event I will never forget. I am going down with a friend and he is bringing along his daughter with him.

Avary I was wondering do you care to join us? The details about the event are below.

Announcing a new event for The U.K. Doctor Who Meetup Group!

What: 7th Doctor & Ace signing Day

When: Saturday, December 8, 11:00 AM

Where: Click the link below to find out!

Event Description: Hello faithful Whovians

the Roomes Stores in Upminster will be hosting a Dr.Who day on Saturday 8th Decamber between 11am and 4pm.

Those in attendance will be Sylvester McCoy who played the 7th Doctor, and Sophie Aldred who played his companion Ace. There will also be a Black Dalek and a replica TARDIS.

I haven't yet had to buy anything to get an autograph here, but they often do some sort of one day discount on related memorabilia.

As usual with the Roomes Doctor Who days, it will take place in the Fashion and Homeware Store toy department, and there is a cafeteria on the same floor where it is possible to retreat to some form of sanity away from the children clustering around the Dalek Smile

We'll be meeting outside Upminster train station at 11:00am and then head over to Roomes about half an hour later. The signings start about 11ish, but the queues at these things are rarely long.

Upminster is very easy to get to from London, either ride the District Line eastwards to the end of the line, or go direct from London Fenchurch Street (which takes 21 minutes).

If you've not come to one of our Doctor Who meetups, you'll be able to recognise me by the Jon Pertwee era TARDIS key I'll be wearing, and if that's too obscure here is a photo taken at a previous Roomes signing for identification purposes: http://photos1.meetupstatic.com/photos/event/d/3/e/3/highres_1314243.jpeg

Website - http://www.roomes.co.uk/location.html
Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roomes
Phone number - 01708 255300.
Address - Roomes Stores, Station Road, Upminster, Essex RM14 2SX

Learn more here:


I am soo jealous!!

If I could go I would, but I've got the shitty job of looking after the house while everyone's in New York, not to mention I've got no money until January 7 now.

Take pictures or I might have to hurt you :p
Yes will take pictures. Shame you can't come. There is an Invasion convention with Sylv and Soph and other stars of Doctor Who on Sat March 1st.


tickets are £40. I might go to this.
Might be able to go to that one. I think I'm off uni that week anyway.
You'll love them!

Say hi to Sophie from me then, she'll know me as the girl who dresses as Ace at conventons :)
Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

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