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Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

I'm flabbergasted that the CO Seventh Doctor figure won't have Panama Hat

I have heard from someone that in Wave 2 the figure of the Seventh Doctor will be in the main stream version, but it will be without the Panama Hat. What is the main stream version anyway? And why on earth are CO going to make him without his classic Panama Hat. The Seventh Doctor always wore the Panama Hat on his adventures in the Televison Series. Of course they haven't done this for the Fourth Doctor, I mean he's lucky he gets two heads. Im sorry but it really bothers me. The Panama Hat is needed for the figure of the Seventh Doctor. Does anyone here agree with me? But the Seventh Doctor isnt really remembered for not wearing his Panama Hat is he? I mean I am happy that CO are producing a Seventh Doctor figure, its just I would really like it if he had the hat. For some reason he seems incomplete without his hat. If the figure is based on how he looked in Ghost Light for majority of the story please don't say that he's not going to have his trade mark question mark umbrella as well?


i could live without the umbrella, but he HAS to have the hat! i mean, you wouldn't have a fourth doctor figure without the scarf, or fifth doctor without the little celery on his coat? aaaaaaaargh. >:I
In terms of the Fifth Doctor with no celery Character Options have done JUST that actually.
Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

January 2013

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