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Sep. 14th, 2007

Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

Sylvester and Rihanna Userpics request.

I was wondering if anyone here could make some userpics with Sylvester McCoy and Rihanna with there Umbrella's for me, since I'm rubbish at graphic design. I just think this would be so good.

If you can do this I would be very grateful.
Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

Cheap Question Mark Umbrella

Now everyone can have a question mark umbrella.


I myself have bought one. You can even paint the handle red when you have bought it. :)
Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

Patrick Troughton Sheercast Figure.............why no bids?

I am surprised to see no bids on this Patrick Troughton Sheercast figure which is being sold on ebay.


Why is it getting no bid do you think? The Sylvester McCoy figure has 8 bids.
Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

Get there quick...Seventh Doctor Tank Top on Ebay!

Have a look here:


Yes there is a Seventh Doctor tank top being sold on ebay. I'm pretty tempted to buy it, since my tank top hasnt got the green/turqoise trim at the bottom, but I won't reason why is because I know there are plenty of Seventh Doctor fans that havent got a Question Mark tank top.

So is anyone thinking of buying this then?
Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

Hat banner like Season 24/25.....where do i find one?

I was wondering where on earth could I buy a hat banner like Sylv wore in Season 24 and 25 (just look at my userpic by this post and you'll see what i mean)? I noticed that he had one flopping out of one of his bottom patch jacket pockets. Are these hat banners or bandanas or what are they?

Sep. 13th, 2007

Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

Seven and Ace clips to Download on phone?

Can anyone here help me with something. I am trying to find some Seven and Ace video clips to download on my mobile phone. Where on earth can I find these clips? I have been to the offical BBC website, but you cannot download the video clips even to your computer. If anyone could help that would be brilliant.

Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

How do I change my Username?

Well does anyone here know how I can change my username from professortinkle to something else?

Sep. 12th, 2007

Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

A MUST have for Seventh Doctor/Sylv fans.

Just go here:


I can't afford it unfortunately.

Oh bum!

Avary, Trinalin and other Sylv fans why don't you try and bid for it?
Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

Bleach...................will it work to make Seventh Doctor jacket? Can You help?

I have this jacket below,

I was wondering that if I bleached it, would it come out roughly the same colour as this:

If I do have to bleach it, how many times would I have to do this, and how would I do it? I'm not putting a jacket in the washing machine, it would wreck the lining.

Aug. 23rd, 2007

Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

Which costume does Sylv own now?

I found this in a blog:

"McCoy, is a big fan of Doctor Who, and owns a complete Seventh Doctor costume (that Jackson's kids pester him to dress up in!), including one of the only three surviving original question mark umbrellas made for use in the series."

So which costume do you think he owns? The Season 24/25 costume or the Season 26 costume? I wonder if he has the costume from the TVmovie?

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