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Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

Doctor Who Sheercast Figures

Well since you can no longer buy the Sylvester McCoy Sheercast figurine, I have asked my dad to buy me the Patrick Troughton Sheercast figurine for my birthday present which is still being sold on this website.


This is an ideal gift as these are no longer made, plus Patrick Troughton is my 2nd favourite Doctor.

I really wished they had the Sylvester McCoy one for sale and the closest I have got to having it is having a picture of one in a frame but I'm very pleased I've got the Patrick Troughton one.

Van Donovan I'm very sure you may have one of these figures.


Wow, they're lovely! :)
Dude, looks like I'm gonna have to take a rain check on meeting up on Saturday.

Just got lumbered with a massive biology assignment for next week, and I've been invited to a study group to go over it. I really can't miss it as I was absent for the lab class and need to catch up as these assignments make up 100% of my grade this year.

Sunday may be doable, but you'd have to come round my place as I'm bogged down with work. Otherwise it looks like I won't be free for another 2 weeks, which is a pain.

Really sorry 'bout that, coz I haven't seen you in ages and it would be nice to catch up. Lemme know if you can do Sunday though, yeah?
Well I can do Sunday, but thing is, is that I have a friend staying round Saturday and Sunday night. So I don't know whether it is alright with you, me bringing my friend along to your house. Plus its my Birthday Sunday...Hooray.
Seven and Ace Ghost Light end scene

January 2013

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